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Wilderness Guide

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Wilderness Guide
He's trolling you!
NOTE: This NPC represent a legacy feature; for the current map teleportation feature please see the New World Survey page.


These blind guides in Providence had no idea where they would take you!

They were the safest way to leave Boston though.


When you had created a new character and were ready to find a settlement, you'd talk to this guy. You could 'Use Complementary Teleport' to be taken a way out into the wilderness to a random location somewhat near Boston. If you ended up in a nasty place like on top of a mountain, the guide would take you elsewhere up to 3 more times. He would assume you liked your location and leave if you wandered too far away.

If you wanted to join a friend, you wouldn't use the complimentary guidance. You'd put your friend's Homestead Secret into the white box at the bottom instead and press 'Enter'. Then, clicked the new button that appeared. Your friend must have had a Homestead Secret set, and must have had a Claimstone set as their Homestead, not a Lean-to.