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Virginia Snail

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Virginia Snail icon.png Virginia Snail
Where found:
Weight: .03 kg
Required by: Objects
Blood Phlegm Yellow Black
Heal: 2 5 3 1
Heal Uses: 1
Blood Phlegm Yellow Black
Gluttony Min: 0 5 0 0
Gluttony Max: 0 8 0 0
Full and Fed Up for: 0:05
Food Groups: Slugs Bugs and Kritters icon.png Slugs Bugs and Kritters
ReducesSlugs Bugs and Kritters icon.pngSlugs Bugs and Kritters by 50% with 50% chance


Virginia Snails are static objects on the ground - they do not move.

Learning the skill Slug Hunting increases your chances of finding Virginia Snails.

Pick up the Bug and right click it on Any Plant to match purities with that plant. Cabbage works best for this.