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Upcoming Features

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Welcome to the upcoming features page. These are features that the developers have stated will eventually be in the game. If you would like to add a feature, please ensure that you have the proper documentation to back it up as fact.

Date feature was posted Description of feature Source
May 01 2012 The introduction of some sort of variance bonus or invariance penalty from studying the same inspirational over and over Source
May 01 2012 The addition of churches and Sunday service Source
May 01 2012 adding a compass to the standard client Source
May 01 2012 Adding benefits to clothing such as combat benefits, stat boots, and offsetting low civilization ratings Source
May 01 2012 Adding additional sounds and sound effects Source
May 01 2012 Rework of the combat system Source
April 24 2012 User interface updates Source
April 26 2012 Fishing system as well as a hunting rework Source
May 08 2012 A recipe for making mundane lard with a decently high chance of producing gelatinous source