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Tomato icon.png Tomato
Необходимые умения:
Необходимые объекты
Вес: 0.10 KG
Требования: Объекты
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:
Blood Phlegm Yellow Black
Heal: 15 5 5 5
Heal Uses: 1
Blood Phlegm Yellow Black
Gluttony Min: 8 0 0 0
Gluttony Max: 12 0 0 0
Full and Fed Up for: 0:10
Food Groups: Vegetables and Greens icon.png Vegetables and Greens
ReducesVegetables and Greens icon.pngVegetables and Greens by 50% with 30% chance


Can be bought initially from the famous chef, Jordan Gramsey, in Providence or even cheaper from other players.

Can be thrown at criminals that are in the Stocks to add a Full and Fed Up debuff to them. This gives 1 justice point.

When harvesting Tomatoes there is a chance to get a Big Red instead. A Big Red will cause a significantly higher Full and Fed Up debuff when thrown at a criminal.