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Thrust icon.png Thrust
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:

In-Game Text

A slow yet powerful thrust your sword at your opponent. Best used when they are distracted or stunned.


Thrust is, for now, the most common attack used in PvP and hunting. Combat mechanics have change recently, and new weapons have been added, making room for new hunting and PvP techniques. Thrust has a somewhat long animation, meaning that the best chance of landing the attack is to stun the victim first. However, Thrust has the highest damage of all the attacks, making it worth the effort.

  • Attack type: Piercing
  • Drains DYb = SQRT(CYb/10) Yellow bile.
  • Damage is equal 5*DYb = 5*SQRT(CYb/10).
  • Formula: 5 * SQRT(cYB/10)
Damage Table
YB Damage
50 11.18
100 15.81
150 19.36
200 22.36
250 25
300 27.39
350 29.58
400 31.62

Game Menu
Combat (T) ⇒Attacks (T) ⇒Thrust (T)