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Under a maple tree

Autumnal icon.png About

AKA: maple forest

Autumnal forests are beautiful biomes to happen upon.

The autumnal forest is a very good biome for a new player to wander into. Waxing Toadstools, Chestnuts, Maple Leafs and Wild Garlic are all commonly found here. This, coupled with the vast amount of trees, makes this biome excellent for establishing a home quickly.

New World Gourds can be found here, and are inspirationals that do not spawn elsewhere.

The higher spawn rate of New World Gourds allow quick access to Pumpkins and Peppers for anyone looking to farm.

The wildlife of the forest is suitable for all combat abilities. However it should be noted that Argopelters will spawn if this biome is encountered in the darkness, thus making a dark autumnal forest very dangerous for even experienced players!

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No Creatures found here.


No forageables found here.


Maple Leaf Forest