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Tailor's Pack

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Tailor's Pack icon.png Tailor's Pack
Необходимые умения: None
Необходимые объекты None
Вес: unknown
Требования: Объекты

Store Information

"Like the ocean tides waxing and waning, so too doth the dextrous need swim in and out, stitching its path, guided by the able hand. As the Fates weave the Tapestry of Life, so too will you weave garments and cloths galore! The Tailor's pack contains all the budding clothier or seamstress will need to reconstruct fabrics into fashion and redefine the essence of luxury and utility!"

Tailor's Pack provides the necessities for an aspiring tailor to make the most fashionable of clothing.


Can be bought from the Salem Store for 19.99 USD.

Package contain: