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Stomp icon.png Stomp
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required: None


A staple in both PvP combat and hunting, Stomp will stun anyone within a small radius of the player. It does take a certain amount of skill to use effectively as the animation takes over a second to complete and the range is only a few squares. Hence, the victim can often flee out of range or interrupt and stop the Stomp with a quicker counter-attack.

Stomp adds a temporary Stun immunity buff which lasts longer than the stun itself. Thus, it is not possible to chain stomp a player or animal.

  • Attack type: Concussive

In-Game Text

Stomp hard into the ground and temporarily stun nearby opponents.

Game Menu
Combat (T) ⇒Attacks (T) ⇒Stomp (O)