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Stocks & Cultivars

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Stocks & Cultivars icon.png Stocks & Cultivars


One of the Proficiencies used to acquire many of the Skills in Salem.

  • It will increase the amount of plenty added to fields.
  • It will increase the success of sprouting tree cuttings in garden pots.

Gaining and using Stocks & Cultivars

Passive Proficiency Gains

  • 1 Stocks & Cultivars for Preparing a field with Humus.
  • 2 Stocks & Cultivars for Threshing Seeds.
  • 10 Stocks & Cultivars for Harvesting a Field.
  • 25 Stocks & Cultivars for Tending a Field.
  • 4 Stocks & Cultivars for planting a field.
  • 12 Stocks & Cultivars for plowing a field.
  • 7 Stocks & Cultivars for each item crafted on a Grindstone.

Skills that require Stocks & Cultivars:

 Requires Stocks & Cultivars
Plantation Management18200
Fruit Orchards11500
Tobacco Planting10420
Potato Growing8620
Maize Planting6950
Advanced Cooking6500
Shrub Orchards6250
Windmill Theory4900
Three-field System4700
Green Thumb4400
Pumpkin Planting3400
Embroidery & Silk3100
Cotton Planting2600
Vegetable Potting1850
Turkey Farming1350
Tasty Pastries1350
Cabbage Growing1200
Handheld Explosives650
Acute Tree Harvesting600
Intermediate Cooking450
Bark Gathering200
Nuts & Seeds150
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Inspirationals that give Stocks & Cultivars:

 Gives Stocks & CultivarsEff SC
Giant Willow Aphid4250
Ghost Rider3660
Beaming-Proud Sunflower3190
New World Gourd3000
John Barleycorn2650
Vibrant Peat Moss2500
Curious Indian Corn2500
Lamb of Tartary2300
Medusa Head Jellyfish2300
Curious Potato2200
Concordat of Worms2000
The Wicked Wicker Man2000
Pilgrim's Bible1500
Brick of Fallen Sodom & Gomorrah1500
Wild Oats1500
Curious Cabbage1500
Davy Jones' Locker1500
Monogrammed Pillow1500
Flower Arrangement1475
Big Autumn Masque1250
Sunny Sunflower1250
Connecticut Field Masque1200
Earthworm Python1200
Coin Collection1100
Funny Foam1100
Les Fleurs du Mal1100
Five Nations' Dreamcatcher1000
Lughnasadh Masque1000
Lumberwood Bonsai1000
Majestic Tail-Feather of Turkey950
Decomposed Bird Skeleton950
Gingerbread Man Torso950
Unscathed Wood900
Bee Team900
Colored Marbles800
Crown of Thorns800
Devil's Wort785
Wicker Man750
Aspen Masque750
Coffin Plank750
Garlic Braid750
Weighty Wattle750
Aged Driftwood700
Iris Prismatica690
Flame Azalea680
Fickle Frozen Frost Flower650
Crow Feather625
Turks Cap615
Cactus Cat610
Rattle Rattler600
Decorative Woodcarving500
Walking the Beetle450
Nine Men's Morris450
Peyote Cactus375
Wild Garlic350
Jackalope Antlers350
Woven Reeds280
Grass Whistle175
Broken Bough160
Oak Duff135
Sourdough Starter130
Petite Petal130
Fish Skeleton90
Sand Inspirational75
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