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Silk Runner

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Basic Info:
Where found:
Skill required: Small Game Hunting
Blood (health): 10
Liftable or Inventory?: Inventory
Item(s) gained:
NOTE: Items and quantities depend upon skills known.
Item(s) gained:
Silk Runner


These spiders are unique to the Greenwood biome and are passive creatures. When attacked, they can shoot up to 3 silk nets to ensnare their attacker.

They can be used as a source of fibers. A Dead Silk Runner can be carried in the inventory and placed in a pot to boil. Boiling yields a Tuft of Spider Silk, which is a type of fiber. Rarely, you can get Spider Egg Sacs instead.

Silk Runners are usually passive unless attacked, however there is a small chance that when foraging an Abandoned Cobweb that a spider will jump out and attack you.

WARNING: Silk Runners have ranged attacks.