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Sift Rubble

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Sift Rubble icon.png Sift Rubble
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:


Left click on the icon or press B when you are in the Adventure menu and then right click over shallow water.

Sift Rubble to get various resources like: Uvarovite, Rubellite, Dravite, Phosphophyllite, Black Sand, Goldflakes. See Gemcutter's Wheel for more information.

Hardness of gems is rolled by the sifter and not the player that is chipping the Rubble. It is the intention that those with low Mines & Mountains can now at least chip the rubble but the players with high Mines & Mountains have the incentive to be the ones sifting that rubble as the hardness of the gems they find will be determined at the point of sifting.

Game Menu
Adventure (V) ⇒Sift Rubble (b)