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Rotten Log

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Rotten Log icon.png Rotten Log
Where found:
Weight: unknown
Required by: Objects


The most abundant foragable found in the Greenwood, but can also be found in Hollow Stumps, and Hollow Logs. This item, when split, contains a could of different items rather, it is important to have your sound on and Shake your Rotten Log before you Split it as it may contain a Mischievous Gnome who will force you to drop all your inventory.

However if you hear any of these phrases:

  • "Yo pilgrim! Let me out of here, pleaseeee!"
  • "Hey you! Yea you, le let me out of here!"
  • "Hey let me out of here!"
  • "Let/Set me free and get free candieee!"

Your Rotten log will contain a Mischievous Gnome icon.png Mischievous Gnome who will force you to drop everything in your inventory except for Pockets and Backpacks. Then quickly disappear. These Rotten Logs make great fuel for your Coal Clamp or Fireplace.

A Rotten Log will count as a Woodblock in crafting recipes. It will count as having 0% purity in Coal Clamps.