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Basic Info:
Where found:
Skill required: Monster Hunting
Blood (health): 70
Liftable or Inventory?: Liftable
NOTE: Items and quantities depend upon skills known.
Item(s) gained:
Rare item(s):
WARNING! Seeing a Quetzalcoatl adds a tiny bit of Insanity.


Quetzalcoatl is the Darkness Monster version of the Timber Rattler. They are aggressive and will attack any Pilgrim that wanders too close. Aggro can be averted if wearing a headdress made from Serpent Feathers, called Kukulkan.

Combat Behaviour:

Basic attacks envenom, draining phlegm while affected until you run out and KO. It seems to have pretty straightforward pathfinding, moving quickly directly to the target most of the time, and either doing a simple attack or constricting.

The venom can be cured with a Serpent Serum, made from the fangs of the Quetzalcoatl - a rare drop. The real problem is constricting as without a partner around to free you the constricted player you will be trapped unable to do anything until it either breaks your bones and releases you, or you KO of phlegm drain.

  • KO from Venom does not kill (but it does massive amounts of phlegm damage)
  • Be careful when hunting alone - a Quetzalcoatl can hold and strangle you, not letting go until it is dealt damage by another player.
  • After a KO a Quetzalcoatl strangles your character, this will break your bones.


With the Hideworking skill, skinning a single Quetzalcoatl will yield:

NOTE: It is important to skin the carcass first, or the butchering will ruin the skin.

With all relevant butchering skills (Butcher's Thrift, Butchery, Field Dressing, and Tanning), butchering a single Quetzalcoatl will always yield:

Random chance to get various rare items from butchering. Chance of dropping, and sometimes also the potential quantity, is much higher with Viscera & Bits.