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Perennial Philosophy

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Perennial Philosophy icon.png Perennial Philosophy


One of the Proficiencies used to acquire many of the Skills in Salem.

Gaining and using Perennial Philosophy

Skills that require Perennial Philosophy:

 Requires Perennial Philosophy
Grave Robbing6150
Viscera & Bits3900
Steam Distillation2100
Ascent to the Summit1500
Pharmacology Formal1400
Potions & Poultices900
Compacts & Constitutions800
Mushroom Hunting700
Childish Things300
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Inspirationals that give Perennial Philosophy:

 Gives Perennial PhilosophyEff PP
Those Rarefied Thornbush Flowers3500
Bar of Rose Scented Soap3200
Rat Team2700
Closed Beta Diploma25001
Malevolent Pillow2500
Samhain Masque2400
Black Pearl2100
Whispering Snake Skull2000
Horribly Rotten Walnut1900
Bezoar Stone1850
Serpent Charm1850
Iä! Iä! Rlyeh Fhtang!1755
Antlers of Furfur1750
Tiny Pocketwatch1750
Dehydrated Rose1500
Remains of old1500
Little Jack Horner's Thumbnail1475
The Wicked Wicker Man1400
Square & Compass1250
Bar of Bubbly Soap1200
Painted Feathers1200
Rainbow Soap Bubble1200
Creepy Centipede1175
Clawed Talon1150
Membranous Wing1150
Spiked Tail1150
Argopelter Beak1150
Brick of Fallen Sodom & Gomorrah1000
Carelessly Burnt Cookie1000
Game Board1000
The Golem of Prague1000
Ghost in the Grain980
Stuffed Marchhare900
Pilgrim's Bible850
Savage Charm850
Leader's Locket800
Davy Jones' Locker750
Five Nations' Dreamcatcher750
Forked Tongue750
Monogrammed Pillow750
Cross-Shaped Wood Splinter700
Loyalist's Locket700
Medusa Head Jellyfish650
Lover's Locket600
Enlarged Bear Heart575
Bunny Darko500
Lughnasadh Masque500
Mabon Masque500
Weighty Wattle500
Brick of Fallen Jericho500
Berrysauce Boat475
Fungus Amungus385
Crown of Thorns350
Deer tick340
Beaming-Proud Sunflower300
Cricket Violin300
Black Sand275
Bunny Masque250
Green Man's Mask250
Red Herring250
Dead Rat200
Music Box200
Crow Feather185
Bug in a Blanket175
Red Rose150
Fickle Frozen Frost Flower125
Partially Deformed Caterpillar80
Salamander Tail75
Wicker Man75
Devil's Wort45
Simple Crucifix40
Captivating Flame35
Star Jelly25
Bat Fang10
Fish Skeleton10
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