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Orange Easter Egg

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Orange Easter Egg icon.png Orange Easter Egg
Необходимые умения:
Необходимые объекты None
Вес: 0.20 kg
Требования: Объекты
Difficulty: 75 to 25
Proficiency Type:
When Slotted:
100 Affluence


Hidden in Hollow Stumps during Easter. Seeing how Easter is tied to lunar cycles, it has just been up to the devs. To decide when they start appearing and/or stop appearing. During Easter 2015 and Easter 2016 they were spawning in Hollow Stumps for about a week and a half, though during Easter 2016 this was closer to about two weeks, so the period of which the eggs appear does vary from year to year.

The Orange Easter egg is only useful when making a affluence set. If anyone is trying to get a good affluence set with a orange Easter egg, it is advised to slot The Orange Easter Egg first, since it has such a hard difficulty level even for the most adept tailors. The Orange Easter egg is the second most valuable Easter egg, after the Red Easter Egg which is the most valuable.

'List of Easter egg' :