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Mines & Mountains

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Mines & Mountains icon.png About

One of the Proficiencies used to acquire many of the Skills in Salem. Increasing your value in Mines & Mountains:

  • Reduces your risk of falling when climbing and the damage you take when you do fall.
  • Reduces the risk of cave-ins when mining.
  • Decreases the Hardness of Gemstones.
  • Increases the chance to dig up a Granite Boulder in a Quarry.
  • Increases the chance to dig up a higher yield Lime Boulder from a Lime Pit.

Gaining and using Mines & Mountains

Passive Proficiency Gains

  • 1 Mines & Mountains for chipping stones
  • 1 Mines & Mountains while mining
  • 10 Mines & Mountains for pulling a boulder
  • 4 Mines & Mountains for quarrying a stone
  • 3 Mines & Mountains for failing to cut a gem
  • 15 Mines & Mountains for Successfully cutting a gem
  • Various Mines & mountains depending on the size of the lime boulder they extract.

Skills that require Mines & Mountains:

 Requires Mines & Mountains
Elaborate Gemcutting21500
I am the Darkness12250
Tasteful Gemcutting9400
Ambitious Excavation8250
Ascent to the Summit5000
Elementary Gemcutting4750
Goat Rearing4500
Igloo Construction4100
Frigid Journeys3800
Granite Excavation3150
Weapon Forging2550
Mineral Sifting2400
Iron Amalgamation2200
Coffer Making1250
Hill Climbing1200
Amateur Sculpting900
Essential Mineralogy675
Indian Tracking500
Bellows Operation400
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Inspirationals that give Mines & Mountains:

 Gives Mines & MountainsEff MM
Iron Pyrite2500001
Lava Rock50001
Petrified Wood4250
Black Pearl3550
Shellback Rattle3100
Tar-Soaked Remains3000
Scintillating Sand2500
Vial of Gold Flakes2275
Thirteen Colonies2245
Blacksmith's Goggles2100
Brick of Fallen Sodom & Gomorrah2000
Leader's Locket1850
Tiny Pocketwatch1750
A Face in the Dross1750
Ghost in the Grain1750
Mineralogical Survey1750
Loyalist's Locket1710
Walking the Beetle1400
Brick of Fallen Babel1250
Precious Soot-Flake1250
Ghost Rider1100
Lover's Locket1100
Wood Knot1100
Sterling Geode1000
Curious Potato950
Misshapen Lump of Clay950
Red Trillium935
Gem Shard925
Colored Marbles900
Nine Men's Morris850
Black Sand650
Lady's Slipper650
Shellback Fragments520
Bat Fang490
Smooth Stone475
A Taste of Autumn435
Cactus Cat410
A Taste of The New World360
Obsidian Fragments350
Rock Maracas325
Partially Deformed Caterpillar220
Rusty Coin170
Sand Inspirational150
Fish Skeleton125
Broken Bough100
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