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Maize Planting

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Maize Planting icon.png Maize Planting
"Maize Planting allows for you to harvest and plant the various strains of Corn."
Необходимые навыки:
Необходимые умения:
3300 Flora & Fauna icon.png Flora & Fauna
3150 Law & Lore icon.png Law & Lore
6950 Stocks & Cultivars icon.png Stocks & Cultivars
Skills Unlocked:
Crafts Unlocked:
Builds Unlocked:
Others Unlocked:

In-Game Text

"I had got the first handful of seed-corn, which, as I have said, came up unexpectedly, and indeed to a surprize... I had the next six months to apply myself wholly, by labour and invention, to furnish myself with utensils proper for the performing of all the operations necessary for making the corn, when I had it, fit for my use."

-Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, 1719

Long cultivated by the natives Maize Planting allows for you to harvest and plan the various strains of Corn.