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Basic Info:
Where found:
Skill required: Monster Hunting
Blood (health): unknown
Liftable or Inventory?: Liftable
NOTE: Items and quantities depend upon skills known.
Item(s) gained:
Rare item(s): unknown (use 'none' if no chance for rare items)

WARNING! Spawning a Lumberlord adds a huge amount of Insanity.


There is a chance when choping a Tree in the Darkness to spawn a Lumberlord. It can give a Fear Debuff like a Bear which will aggro nearby players. A Lumberlord will not normally aggro witches, but the Fear will.

Lumberlords have an attack which picks up a player and dumps him upside down, burying the players head in the ground for about 5 seconds.


Skinning a Lumberlord will yield:

Butchering will yield: