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Leap At

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Leap At icon.png Leap At
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required: None


Leap At will stun both attacker and attacked while the one attacked will fall over. Hitting someone in the back will result in a longer stun for the victim, while hitting them in the front will give a longer stun to the attacker. Hitting on the side will see both attacker and target stunned for the same amount of time. Leap At also causes some Imbalance. Imbalance can be reduced by standing still or by using Regain Composure.

Leap At provides a short stun immunity which is longer than the stun so that players and animals can be stun locked.

  • Attack type: Concussive

In-Game Text

Leap At will always stun both targets. The closer you are to hitting your opponent directly on the back, the shorter you will be stunned and the more he will be stunned. Leap At uses both your Phlegm and Yellow Bile.

Game Menu
Combat (T) ⇒Attacks (T) ⇒Leap At (E)