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Any Cabbage Leaf

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Any Cabbage Leaf icon.png Any Cabbage Leaf
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"Any Cabbage Leaf" is a generic term which represents all the different tiers of cabbage available in the game. Any recipe which states "Leaf of Cabbage" as an ingredient allows you to use any tier of cabbage, although obviously the most cost effective is to use your lowest tier cabbage for such recipes, saving your higher tier cabbage for recipes which explicitly require them.

Leaves of Cabbage are created by splitting up a Cabbage Head; each cabbage head will produce 6 leaves of the same type as the head.


The specific type of leaf is dependent on the tier of cabbage head it is split from (see Agriculture for more on field tiers).

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Leaf of Colewort icon.png Leaf of Colewort Leaf of Green Cabbage icon.png Leaf of Green Cabbage
Leaf of White Cabbage icon.png Leaf of White Cabbage
Leaf of Red Cabbage icon.png Leaf of Red Cabbage