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Jordan Gramsey

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You can 'Share Dining Experience' with Jordan Gramsey while you have a Full and Fed Up debuff, and if your session points are in the top 10 you will get rewarded with an Absurdly Large Cookie.


Sells the following items:

Item Price Notes
Company Bacon icon.png Company Bacon x1 SilverStack1to9.png 45 Potent food item for healing.
Sourdough Starter icon.png Sourdough Starter x1 SilverStack1to9.png 15 Used with Baking some foods. They can be 'crafted' by splitting Leavened Doughs.
Copper Pot icon.png Copper Pot x1 SilverStack1to9.png 350 A necessary item for boiled foods. Other players often sell them cheaper.
Molasses icon.png Molasses x1 SilverStack1to9.png 35 Used in some higher level foods.
Tomato icon.png Tomato x1 SilverStack1to9.png 110 Used in several food recipes. Can be planted.
Sugar icon.png Sugar x1.0 kg SilverStack1to9.png 40 Used with cooking some higher level foods.
Salem Crappy Meal icon.png Salem Crappy Meal x1 SilverStack1to9.png 100 Contains a Beefy Sandwich, French Fry, and random Toy.


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