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Inspiration is the pool of points you use to learn new skills and proficiencies. A new character begins with 207,000 inspiration that renews at a rate of only 0.71/second.

The rate and cap can be increased by learning certain Skills and by increasing Black Bile.

The learning skill Literacy adds 0.1 Inspiration per second to your Inspiration Rate, A Formal Education adds 0.2 Inspiration per second, and Aristotelian Logic adds 0.4. If you learn all three skills, this stacks up to a total of 0.7 Inspiration per second from skills alone.

Most Inspirationals use about 2000 to 12,000 Inspiration.

Refresher potions can be used to restore inspiration: Fishguts & Rot Refresher, Rubbery Mescaline Refresher, Sweet'n'Thorny Refresher.

Successfully using a Hookah in The Den or at an event will grant a variable inspiration restore.