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Hunting & Hideworking

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General Info

  • One of the Proficiencies used to acquire many of the Skills in Salem.
  • Hunting & Hideworking effects...

Gaining and using Hunting & Hideworking

Passive Proficiency Gains

  • 3 Hunting & Hideworking for Butchering an animal part.
  • 6 Hunting & Hideworking for liming a hide.

Skills that require Hunting & Hideworking:

 Requires Hunting & Hideworking
Fine Leathercraft17500
Viscera & Bits14200
Butcher's Thrift10700
Cattle Ranching9100
Monster Hunting7500
Goat Rearing7000
Advanced Cooking6700
Sheep Herding6200
I am the Darkness6100
Game Meats5500
Venison Cuisine5200
Pig Keeping5000
Smoked Meats4200
Big Game Hunting3750
Beaver Skinning3150
Lace & Fancywork2300
Turkey Farming1900
Shellfish Trapping1900
Field Dressing1625
Mushroom Hunting1475
Small Game Hunting1300
Sanctioned Mortification1200
Slug Hunting750
Folk Medicine600
Bug Hunting525
Indian Tracking500
Fishing (Рыбалка)400
Survival Skills200
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Inspirationals that give Hunting & Hideworking:

 Gives Hunting & HideworkingEff HH
Antlers of Furfur5100
Membranous Wing5050
Animal Bone Necklace50001
Stuffed Marchhare4770
Foetid Ooze4500
Animal Canine4250
Spiked Tail4050
Argopelter Liver3250
Argopelter Beak3150
Clawed Talon3050
Steer Skull3000
Cougar Claw2850
Hunting Trophy2650
Enlarged Bear Heart2625
Cricket Team2600
Ghost Rider Masque2500
Shed Skin2500
Slim Stickbug2500
Cricket Violin2350
Deer Hoof2250
Les Fleurs du Mal2100
Deer Antlers2100
Beaver Tail1850
Funny Foam1750
Rat Team1700
Fine Beaver Teeth1550
Stringy Sinew1500
Traces of the Lost Colony1500
Stuffed Leather Ball1400
Mabon Masque1350
Wee Menagerie1300
Aspen Masque1250
The Elusive Last Bone1250
Hand Turkey1200
Rattle Rattler1200
Stuffed Rabbit1150
Fishing Trophy1000
Lumberwood Bonsai1000
Animal Crackers975
Trout Lily915
Dead Rat900
Jackalope Antlers900
Dead Wartbite Cricket900
Mermaid's Purse880
Forked Tongue800
Dried Long Ear750
Sterling Geode750
Eagle Feather725
Lady's Slipper720
Curious Potato650
Red Trillium630
Peyote Cactus625
Oyster Shell600
Beautiful Seashell600
Perfect Autumn Leaf550
Cactus Cat540
Turks Cap510
Deer tick485
Grass Whistle450
Stray Chestnut450
Crow Feather425
Abandoned Cobweb350
Decorative Woodcarving350
Bat Fang320
Smooth Stone290
A Taste of The New World260
Broken Bough255
Meat Shreds250
Rock Maracas250
A Taste of Autumn245
Bee Team200
Cork Gun200
Maple Mustache Masque200
Cross-Shaped Wood Splinter150
Obsidian Fragments90
Star Jelly75
Wood Choppings75
Petite Petal75
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