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Game Trail

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A Game Trail in Coniferous


AKA: Trail

A Game Trail is a terrain feature that occurs within most of the biomes in Salem. They are narrow like a trail and can be very long, often solid along most of their distance, but getting patchy and almost impossible to see near the ends.

Game trails make life easier for travelers as they 'flatten' cliffs, turning the area under the trail into a rounded hill that can be walked up rather than a cliff that needs to be climbed. Rivers, Clay Pits, and Lime Pits demonstrate this same property.

A Game Trail is not considered a biome and has no special foragables or creatures. However, there is anecdotal evidence to support the theory that Deer and Bears spawn more frequently near Game Trails than otherwise, and seem to be attracted to them once spawned.

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A Game Trail making life easy for the weary traveler.
This Deer seemed attracted to the Game Trail, never straying far from it.