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The amount of each bile healed and size of Gluttony bonus depends on the foods purity.

Heal values

ItemHeals BloodHeals PhlegmHeals YellowHeals BlackUses
'Shroom-Legume Salad3
A Fish in the Reeds55555
A Rabbit in the Cabbage103015221
A Side of Venison111131111
A Snake in the Grass141414145
A Walk on the Wild Side20612815
Absurdly Large Cookie25252525100
Adventurer's Trailmix132013920
Anadama Bread121815311
Argopelter Breast1
Argopelter Drumstick7771
Argopelter Jerky2412241214
Argopelter Thigh7771
Argopelter Wing7771
Autumn Delight1
Autumn Gold4441
Aztec Abattoir1
Baby Bear33331
Baked Potato111111111
Beargarden Biscuit77771
Beaver Dam131313341
Beefy Sandwich201520154
Berries Jubilee181118141
Berry Bajgiel227825311
Berry Bar1217921
Berry Cobbler16271241
Berry Jam212818181
Berry Salad151515151
Big Autumn6661
Blue Potato101010101
Blue Potato Chunk55551
Boiled Gourd121614164
Boiled Potato918991
Boiled Waning Toadstool55551
Boiled Waxing Toadstool55551
Boiled Witch's Hat99991
Boiled Yellow Morel77771
Bottomfeeder Bajgiel222578311
Braised Beaver Brain9051
Breaded Filets1
British Brittle77771
Brown Bread323835911
Brown Potato66661
Brown Potato Chunk33331
Buddies on a Branch777710
Buggy Bajgiel227825311
Cabbage Cakes202
Cabbage Crumbs407540404
Cabbage Crush Salad201
Cabbage Rolls8119124
Candied Corn77771
Candied Oakworth Tart587957561
Candy Gang Candy Cane1001001001005
Canterbury Egg77771
Charred Something00001
Clam Dots77771
Clover Rolls21117111
Cod Rolls in Lobster Sauce151515151
Company Bacon2525252510
Connecticut Field7771
Cooked Carrot127121
Cooked King Crab151515151
Corn & Crab Chowder252423241
Corn Pudding171717171
Cornmash Gobbler001
Cornmeal Crusted Bluegill181426141
Cornmeal Flatbread121212121
Crab Cakes256301010
Cranberry Sauce558525251
Crescent Croissant151412101
Crispy Cricket1051
Crowberry Stalk1
Crunchy Rabbit8216121
Crusted Crawdad141212141
Curious Curry
Curious Indian Corn181818182
Curious Potato101010101
Dehydrated Blackberry00001
Dehydrated Cranberry00001
Dehydrated Crowberry00001
Dehydrated Huckleberry00001
Delectable Dumplings181118141
Deviled Beaver866121
Domesticated Turkey Breast1
Domesticated Turkey Drumstick7771
Domesticated Turkey Thigh7771
Domesticated Turkey Wing7771
Dragon's Breath Salad8254451
Dried Angel-Winged Seabass12108101
Dried Blueback Tuna1
Dried Cape Codfish1010881
Dried Darkwater Bluegill101
Dried Ghostly Whitefish1
Dried Gold Pickerel8117101
Dried Hellish Halibut70121281
Dried Long-Whiskered Catfish151515151
Dried Raging Bullhead81616161
Dried Red Herring57881
Dried Red-Finned Mullet1210881
Dried Sargasso Eel15151
Dried Shin Spinner12121081
Dried Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper21
Dried Tiger Trout551
Dried Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch88881
Dry Pie77771
Eloped Gingerbread Man181818181
Empire Bluecakes15154
English Muffins151412101
Farmer's Omelette404040401
Filet on the Rocks851
Fish Tacos1
Fleshcovered Gourd161414141
Franklin Bar77771
French Toast101010101
Fried Blewit121212121
Fried Frog Legs25132
Fried Oysters555181
Frog Chowder10103
Frontier Stew1
Fruit Jelly1015821
Fruity Salad181118141
Funky Pumpkins704040408
Fyne Salad425147391
Garden Veg1
Garlic Bread Slices121411141
Garlic Mashed Potatos1217921
Garlic Rabbit123715181
Garlic Spitroast101514241
Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms232124171
Ghost Loaf132013201
Ghost Rider88981
Green Bell Peppers22331
Green Cabbage Chuck Roast1
Green Seafood Salad1
Grub De La Grub1001001001001
Gummy Gills77771
Hardboiled Egg121614161
Harvest Moon5551
Hash Browns852555251
Humble Meat Pie1
Jam Sandwich252535451
Jelly Roll354525251
Jonah and the Whales353535351
Lavender Blewit66661
Leaf of Colewort1
Leaf of Green Cabbage1
Leaf of Red Cabbage44441
Leaf of White Cabbage1
Lean Rabbit617121
Loaf of Ryebread21117111
Lobster Legs1
Lobster Mushroom88881
Lobster Tail343232341
Loin Roast111131111
Loyalist Lolly77771
Lumberjack Frikadel5
Marrow Dumplings121212163
Meatballs on Noodles1
Milkweed Roots1411
Mushroom Pie141
Myrtle Oak Acorn1141
New England Dinner364626261
Nutcracker Suite99991
Nutty Bajgiel227825311
Oatmeal Crackers88883
Ostrich Fiddlehead1411
Papricharred Charcuterie20161
Peppered Seafood Medley552585251
Peppersauce Tuna3001501
Pest-Filled Morel131114171
Pine Nut1141
Pisces Iscariot2012251
Plank Steak1561
Potato Salad8258121
Prickly Pear401
Pumpkin Bites77771
Pumpkin Butter131313131
Pumpkin Flesh1
Pumpkin Gnochi161414141
Pumpkin Pie181
Pumpkin Sandwich17213
Red Bell Peppers33221
Red October151211131
Red Potato151515151
Red Potato Chunk88881
Red Seafood Salad1
Roasted Angel-Winged Seabass1088101
Roasted Bear Cut1
Roasted Bear Steak1
Roasted Beaver Cut1
Roasted Beaver Steak1
Roasted Beef Cut1
Roasted Beef Steak1
Roasted Blueback Tuna1
Roasted Cape Codfish881051
Roasted Chestnut25282
Roasted Corn on the Cob66661
Roasted Cougar Cut1
Roasted Crab Meat1
Roasted Darkwater Bluegill9131
Roasted Ghostly Whitefish1510101
Roasted Gold Pickerel69571
Roasted Hellish Halibut1081061
Roasted Hickory Nut25282
Roasted Long-Whiskered Catfish555201
Roasted Pine Nut Stuffing9118231
Roasted Pine Nuts25282
Roasted Pork Cut1
Roasted Pork Steak1
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds644410
Roasted Rabbit Cut1
Roasted Rabbit Steak1
Roasted Raging Bullhead141212141
Roasted Red Herring858121
Roasted Red-Finned Mullet84881
Roasted Sargasso Eel101015151
Roasted Shin Spinner1081
Roasted Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper01
Roasted Squirrel Cut1
Roasted Tiger Trout551
Roasted Timber Rattler Cut1771
Roasted Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch55551
Roasted Venison Cut1
Roasted Venison Steak61
Salted Radish77161
Salty Nuts151515152
Sauce Chasseur433144571
Sausage Links
Sauteed Shellshrooms141816181
Scrambled Eggs121614161
Scuttling Crab Legs19211241
Sea Loaf12124
Seabass in Berry Sauce22980271
Seaweed Rolls5101541
Shellfish Omelette1
Shepherds Pie1824221
Shroom Patty7
Shroom Rolls231114271
Shroom-Stuffed Bellpepper1281281
Simple Sunday Steak15251
Sizzled Grub21533
Sizzled Slug25133
Sizzling Stirfry1
Slice Of Pie101010102
Slice of Pie101010102
Small Sugar1
Smoked Bear Cut1
Smoked Beaver Cut1
Smoked Cougar Cut1
Smoked Deer Cut1
Smoked Oyster Meat23141
Smoked Rabbit Cut1
Smoked Rattler Cut1771
Smoked Squirrel Cut1
Spooky Ghosts0035351
Spooky Redcap251010101
Spore Bajgiel227825311
Stray Chestnut1141
Sugar Caps44441
Sugar Delight161414141
Sugar Treat44441
Surf & Turf1
Sweet Bambi1212521
Sweet Jerky181118141
Sweet Monarch77771
Sweet Walnut Crusted Fish504045901
Tasty Cakes121212121
Tasty Taco1
Tenderboiled Terrine42401
Tendergrass Rump302226202
Things with Wings991
Three Virginians51551520
Truffle Taffy77771
Turkey Jerky122412247
Turkey Sandwich20153
Turkish Delight10101
Veg Sugar77771
Venison with Pickled Nuts655348651
Virginia Snail25311
Virginian Shellroast28221
Waning Toadstool55551
Waxing Toadstool55551
Wild Garlic1411
Wild Salad981
Wild Turkey Breast1
Wild Turkey Drumstick7771
Wild Turkey Thigh7771
Wild Turkey Wing7771
Wild Wings991
Wildberry Pie6121741
Windy Pooh303030301
Witch's Hat99991
Wortbaked Wartbite484645491
Yellow Morel77771
Yellow Potato101010101
Yellow Potato Chunk55551
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Gluttony values for Special Food

This table contains all Gluttony foods which are not Variable. Many of the foods in this table are not well suited for Gluttony with the exception of the Restore foods which can be distinguished by the fact that they give 10 to all Humors, min and max.

ItemBlood MinBlood MaxPhlegm MinPhlegm MaxYellow MinYellow MaxBlack MinBlack MaxDebuff timer
Argopelter Breast10150000000:06
Argopelter Drumstick00001015000:06
Argopelter Thigh00000010150:06
Argopelter Wing00101500000:06
Autumn Gold00000012183:00
Baby Bear000000691:30
Beargarden Biscuit555555551:00
Beefy Sandwich35503550355035502:00
Big Autumn00185400006:00
Blue Potato00142000000:45
Blue Potato Chunk002600000:08
Boiled Waning Toadstool666666660:06
Boiled Waxing Toadstool666666660:06
Boiled Witch's Hat10101010101010100:10
Boiled Yellow Morel888888880:08
Braised Beaver Brain10101010101010102:00
British Brittle555555551:00
Brown Potato0000005120:45
Brown Potato Chunk000000240:08
Candied Corn555555551:00
Candied Oakworth Tart10101010101010102:00
Canterbury Egg555555551:00
Charred Something000000000:13
Clam Dots555555551:00
Connecticut Field00001854006:00
Cooked Carrot0081200000:15
Cooked King Crab0052500000:15
Corn Pudding10101010101010100:01
Cranberry Sauce10101010101010102:00
Crispy Cricket8110000000:05
Crowberry Stalk005600000:06
Crusted Crawdad9130000000:10
Curious Indian Corn7147147147140:05
Curious Potato00131900000:45
Dehydrated Blackberry0000001280:06
Dehydrated Cranberry1280000000:06
Dehydrated Crowberry0012800000:06
Dehydrated Huckleberry0000128000:06
Domesticated Turkey Breast10150000000:06
Domesticated Turkey Drumstick00001015000:06
Domesticated Turkey Thigh00000010150:06
Domesticated Turkey Wing00101500000:06
Dried Angel-Winged Seabass1100000000:03
Dried Blueback Tuna00515001150:03
Dried Cape Codfish0000110000:03
Dried Darkwater Bluegill0011500000:03
Dried Ghostly Whitefish1200000000:03
Dried Gold Pickerel0000115000:03
Dried Hellish Halibut1251251251250:03
Dried Long-Whiskered Catfish1251251251250:03
Dried Raging Bullhead0000001250:03
Dried Red Herring1101101101100:03
Dried Red-Finned Mullet0011000000:03
Dried Sargasso Eel0000001100:03
Dried Shin Spinner0000110000:03
Dried Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper0011000000:03
Dried Tiger Trout0011000000:03
Dried Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch0000001100:03
Eloped Gingerbread Man5105105105100:05
Farmer's Omelette10101010101010102:00
Franklin Bar555555550:30
French Toast10101010101010102:00
Fried Blewit0091200000:05
Fried Frog Legs0000009120:05
Fried Oysters00000015200:15
Garlic Bread Slices0:12
Ghost Rider18540000006:00
Green Bell Peppers0011141114000:04
Grub De La Grub10101010101010102:00
Gummy Gills555555551:00
Harvest Moon00001218003:00
Lavender Blewit777777770:07
Leaf of Colewort000000120:01
Leaf of Green Cabbage000013000:01
Leaf of Red Cabbage001400000:01
Leaf of White Cabbage130000000:01
Loaf of Ryebread20202020202020200:30
Lobster Mushroom999999990:09
Lobster Tail00002527000:15
Loyalist Lolly555555551:00
Milkweed Roots006700000:04
Myrtle Oak Acorn005700000:04
Ostrich Fiddlehead000067000:10
Peppered Seafood Medley10101010101010102:00
Pine Nut000057000:05
Pumpkin Bites555555551:00
Red Bell Peppers1114000011140:04
Red October10101010101010102:00
Red Potato18540000000:45
Red Potato Chunk280000000:08
Roasted Angel-Winged Seabass550000000:03
Roasted Bear Cut8120000000:30
Roasted Bear Steak16240000001:00
Roasted Beaver Cut0000008120:30
Roasted Beaver Steak00000016241:00
Roasted Beef Cut
Roasted Beef Steak
Roasted Blueback Tuna00515005150:03
Roasted Cape Codfish000055000:03
Roasted Chestnut8100000000:05
Roasted Cougar Cut0081200000:30
Roasted Crab Meat0081000000:10
Roasted Ghostly Whitefish5200000000:03
Roasted Gold Pickerel0000515000:03
Roasted Hellish Halibut5255255255250:03
Roasted Hickory Nut0000008100:05
Roasted Long-Whiskered Catfish5255255255250:03
Roasted Pine Nut Stuffing30343034303430343:00
Roasted Pine Nuts0000810000:05
Roasted Pork Cut8120000000:30
Roasted Pork Steak
Roasted Rabbit Cut0081200000:30
Roasted Rabbit Steak00162400001:00
Roasted Raging Bullhead0000005250:03
Roasted Red Herring5105105105100:03
Roasted Red-Finned Mullet005500000:03
Roasted Sargasso Eel000000550:03
Roasted Shin Spinner0000510000:03
Roasted Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper005500000:03
Roasted Squirrel Cut005800000:10
Roasted Tiger Trout5100000000:03
Roasted Timber Rattler Cut686868680:30
Roasted Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch000000550:03
Roasted Venison Cut0000812000:30
Roasted Venison Steak00001624001:00
Salted Radish00001014000:15
Sausage Links
Scuttling Crab Legs5105105105100:05
Small Sugar006900001:30
Smoked Bear Cut1320000000:06
Smoked Beaver Cut0000001320:06
Smoked Cougar Cut0012200000:06
Smoked Deer Cut0000132000:06
Smoked Oyster Meat0000001320:06
Smoked Rabbit Cut0013200000:06
Smoked Rattler Cut1220000000:06
Smoked Squirrel Cut001700000:06
Spooky Redcap5105105105100:10
Stray Chestnut570000000:05
Sugar Caps555555550:05
Sugar Treat000069001:30
Sweet Bambi10101010101010102:00
Sweet Monarch555555551:00
Sweet Walnut Crusted Fish10101010101010102:00
Truffle Taffy555555551:00
Veg Sugar555555551:00
Virginia Snail005800000:05
Waning Toadstool666666660:06
Waxing Toadstool666666660:06
Wild Garlic670000000:04
Wild Salad12141214121412140:15
Wild Turkey Breast10150000000:06
Wild Turkey Drumstick00001015000:06
Wild Turkey Thigh00000010150:06
Wild Turkey Wing00101500000:06
Witch's Hat10101010101010100:10
Yellow Morel888888880:08
Yellow Potato00001319000:45
Yellow Potato Chunk000026000:08
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Gluttony Reduce/Restore

Variable Food is mentioned for Gluttony.

ItemFoodgroup ReduceReduce PercentChance PercentFoodGroup RestoreRestore PercentChance Percent
'Shroom-Legume SaladMushrooms2515
A Fish in the ReedsFishes5050
A Rabbit in the CabbageVegetables and Greens2040
A Side of VenisonGame Meat2040
A Snake in the GrassVegetables and Greens2515
A Walk on the Wild SideGame Meat3585
Absurdly Large Cookie
Adventurer's TrailmixNuts and Seeds55
Anadama BreadBread2040
ArgomoonPumpkins and Gourds3080
Argopelter BreastPoultry1010
Argopelter DrumstickPoultry1010
Argopelter JerkyPoultry55
Argopelter ThighPoultry1010
Argopelter WingPoultry1010
AspenPumpkins and Gourds7070
Autumn DelightNuts and Seeds9090
Autumn GoldPumpkins and Gourds7070
Aztec AbattoirPumpkins and Gourds2040
Baby BearPumpkins and Gourds7070
Baked PotatoPotato Food1520
Beargarden BiscuitBread5050
Beaver DamGame Meat2040
Beefy SandwichDomesticated Meat3080
BeetleSlugs Bugs and Kritters1050
Berries JubileeFruits140
Berry BajgielBerries1515
Berry BarBerries2040
Berry CobblerBerries2040Dairy Food
Berry JamBerries3080
Berry SaladBerries1050
Big AutumnPumpkins and Gourds7070
BigbellPumpkins and Gourds2040
Blue PotatoPotato Food7070
Blue Potato ChunkPotato Food5050
Boiled GourdPumpkins and Gourds1010
Boiled PotatoPotato Food2520
Boiled Waning ToadstoolMushrooms5050
Boiled Waxing ToadstoolMushrooms5050
Boiled Witch's HatMushrooms5050
Boiled Yellow MorelMushrooms5050
Bottomfeeder BajgielCrustacea and Shellfish1515
Braised Beaver BrainGame Meat100100
Breaded FiletsFishes2040
British BrittleNuts and Seeds5050
Brown BreadBread1535
Brown PotatoPotato Food7070
Brown Potato ChunkPotato Food5050
Buddies on a BranchFishes5050
Buggy BajgielSlugs Bugs and Kritters1515
BushbabyPumpkins and Gourds3080Dairy Food
BushkinPumpkins and Gourds7070
ButterDairy Food1090
Cabbage CakesBread2040
Cabbage CrumbsVegetables and Greens805
Cabbage Crush SaladVegetables and Greens2040Variable Food00
Cabbage RollsVegetables and Greens2040
Candied CornMaize5050
Candied Oakworth TartVegetables and Greens100100
Candy Gang Candy Cane
Canterbury EggPoultry5050
CarrotVegetables and Greens5030
CaterpillarSlugs Bugs and Kritters5050
Charred Something
Clam DotsCrustacea and Shellfish5050
Clover RollsBread2040
Cod Rolls in Lobster SauceFishes2040
Company Bacon
Connecticut FieldPumpkins and Gourds7070
Cooked CarrotVegetables and Greens1010
Cooked King CrabCrustacea and Shellfish2020
Corn & Crab ChowderMaize2515
Corn PuddingMaize100100
Cornmash GobblerPoultry2040
Cornmeal Crusted BluegillMaize4020
Cornmeal FlatbreadMaize2040
Crab CakesCrustacea and Shellfish5050
Cranberry SauceBerries100100
Crescent CroissantBread2040
CrickebabSlugs Bugs and Kritters2040
Crispy CricketSlugs Bugs and Kritters1050
Crowberry StalkBerries5050
Crunchy RabbitNuts and Seeds2040
Crusted CrawdadCrustacea and Shellfish1010
Curious CurryDomesticated Meat
Curious Indian CornMaize3090
Curious PotatoPotato Food3070
Dehydrated BlackberryBerries1010
Dehydrated CranberryBerries1010
Dehydrated CrowberryBerries1010
Dehydrated HuckleberryBerries1010
Delectable DumplingsFruits140
Deviled BeaverGame Meat2515
Domesticated Turkey BreastPoultry2020
Domesticated Turkey DrumstickPoultry2020
Domesticated Turkey ThighPoultry2020
Domesticated Turkey WingPoultry2020
Dragon's Breath SaladVegetables and Greens1535
Dried Angel-Winged SeabassFishes1020
Dried Blueback TunaFishes1020
Dried Cape CodfishFishes1020
Dried Darkwater BluegillFishes1020
Dried Ghostly WhitefishFishes1020
Dried Gold PickerelFishes1020
Dried Hellish HalibutFishes1020
Dried Long-Whiskered CatfishFishes1020
Dried Raging BullheadFishes1020
Dried Red HerringFishes1020
Dried Red-Finned MulletFishes1020
Dried Sargasso EelFishes1020
Dried Shin SpinnerFishes1020
Dried Silt-Dwelling MudsnapperFishes1020
Dried Tiger TroutFishes1020
Dried Trunk-Nosed Lake PerchFishes1020
Dry PieBread4080
Eloped Gingerbread ManBread3090
Empire BluecakesMaize2040
English MuffinsBread2040
Farmer's OmelettePoultry100100
Filet on the RocksFishes9090
Fish TacosFishes2040Corn1530
Fleshcovered GourdPumpkins and Gourds2020
Franklin BarFoods3020
French ToastBread100100
Fried BlewitMushrooms1050
Fried Frog LegsSlugs Bugs and Kritters1050
Fried OystersCrustacea and Shellfish2020
Frog ChowderSlugs Bugs and Kritters2515
FroghettiSlugs Bugs and Kritters9090
Frontier StewPotato Food2040
Fruit JellyBerries2515
Fruity SaladFruits140
Funky PumpkinsPumpkins and Gourds9595
Fyne SaladVegetables and Greens3080
Garden VegVegetables and Greens2020
Garlic Bread SlicesBread1530Poultry1580
Garlic Mashed PotatosPotato Food2040Dairy Food
Garlic RabbitGame Meat9090
Garlic SpitroastGame Meat2020
Garlic Stuffed MushroomsMushrooms9090
Ghost LoafMaize2040
Ghost RiderPumpkins and Gourds7070
Green Bell PeppersMushrooms60100
Green Cabbage Chuck RoastVegetables and Greens2040
Green Seafood SaladCrustacea and Shellfish2040
GrubSlugs Bugs and Kritters5050
Grub De La GrubSlugs Bugs and Kritters100100
Gummy GillsFishes5050
Hardboiled EggPoultry2040
Harvest MoonPumpkins and Gourds7070
Hash BrownsPotato Food100100
HomefriesPotato Food550
Humble Meat PieGame Meat8070
Jack-o-LanternPumpkins and Gourds7070
Jam SandwichBerries3080Bread1585
Jelly RollBerries1535
JohnnycakeMaize2040Dairy Food
Jonah and the WhalesFishes1535
LadybugSlugs Bugs and Kritters3090
Lavender BlewitMushrooms5050
Leaf of ColewortVegetables and Greens105
Leaf of Green CabbageVegetables and Greens105
Leaf of Red CabbageVegetables and Greens105
Leaf of White CabbageVegetables and Greens105
Lean RabbitGame Meat2040
Loaf of RyebreadBread2040
Lobster LegsCrustacea and Shellfish2040
Lobster MushroomMushrooms5050
Lobster TailCrustacea and Shellfish2040
Loin RoastDomesticated Meat4040
Loyalist LollyBerries5050
Lumberjack FrikadelGame Meat2080
Marrow DumplingsBread2515
Meatballs on NoodlesDomesticated Meat2040
MeatloafDomesticated Meat2515
Milkweed RootsVegetables and Greens5050
Mushroom PieMushrooms8070
Myrtle Oak AcornNuts and Seeds5050
New England DinnerPotato Food1535
Nutcracker SuiteNuts and Seeds2040
Nutty BajgielNuts and Seeds1515
OakworthVegetables and Greens5050
Oatmeal CrackersBread2020
OnionVegetables and Greens5030
Ostrich FiddleheadVegetables and Greens5050
Papricharred CharcuterieSlugs Bugs and Kritters2040
Peppered Seafood MedleyCrustacea and Shellfish100100
Peppersauce TunaFishes100100
Pest-Filled MorelSlugs Bugs and Kritters2040
Pine NutNuts and Seeds5050
Pisces IscariotFishes3080
Plank SteakGame Meat2040
Potato SaladPotato Food2040
Prickly PearVegetables and Greens5070
Pumpkin BitesPumpkins and Gourds5050
Pumpkin ButterPumpkins and Gourds2040
Pumpkin FleshPumpkins and Gourds1515
Pumpkin GnochiPumpkins and Gourds2515
Pumpkin PiePumpkins and Gourds8070
Pumpkin SandwichPumpkins and Gourds2040Bread1585
RadishVegetables and Greens5030
Red Bell PeppersPumpkins and Gourds60100
Red OctoberPumpkins and Gourds100100
Red PotatoPotato Food7070
Red Potato ChunkPotato Food5050
Red Seafood SaladCrustacea and Shellfish2040
Roasted Angel-Winged SeabassFishes5050
Roasted Bear CutGame Meat5050
Roasted Bear SteakGame Meat5050
Roasted Beaver CutGame Meat5050
Roasted Beaver SteakGame Meat5050
Roasted Beef CutDomesticated Meat
Roasted Beef SteakDomesticated Meat
Roasted Blueback TunaFishes5050
Roasted Cape CodfishFishes5050
Roasted ChestnutNuts and Seeds5050
Roasted Corn on the CobMaize2020
Roasted Cougar CutGame Meat5050
Roasted Crab MeatCrustacea and Shellfish1010
Roasted Darkwater BluegillFishes5050
Roasted Ghostly WhitefishFishes5050
Roasted Gold PickerelFishes5050
Roasted Hellish HalibutFishes5050
Roasted Hickory NutNuts and Seeds5050
Roasted Long-Whiskered CatfishFishes5050
Roasted Pine Nut StuffingNuts and Seeds2515
Roasted Pine NutsNuts and Seeds5050
Roasted Pork CutDomesticated Meat5050
Roasted Pork SteakDomesticated Meat
Roasted Pumpkin SeedsPumpkins and Gourds1020
Roasted Rabbit CutGame Meat5050
Roasted Rabbit SteakGame Meat5050
Roasted Raging BullheadFishes5050
Roasted Red HerringFishes5050
Roasted Red-Finned MulletFishes5050
Roasted Sargasso EelFishes5050
Roasted Shin SpinnerFishes5050
Roasted Silt-Dwelling MudsnapperFishes5050
Roasted Squirrel CutGame Meat5050
Roasted Tiger TroutFishes5050
Roasted Timber Rattler CutGame Meat5050
Roasted Trunk-Nosed Lake PerchFishes5050
Roasted Venison CutGame Meat5050
Roasted Venison SteakGame Meat5050
Salted RadishVegetables and Greens1010
Salty NutsNuts and Seeds5010
Sauce ChasseurMushrooms1535
Sausage LinksDomesticated Meat
Sauteed ShellshroomsCrustacea and Shellfish2515Dairy Food
Scrambled EggsPoultry2040
Scuttling Crab LegsCrustacea and Shellfish3090
Sea LoafFishes2515
Seabass in Berry SauceBerries2040
Seaweed RollsFishes1050
Shellfish OmeletteCrustacea and Shellfish2040
Shepherds PiePotato Food2040
Shroom PattyMushrooms2080
Shroom RollsMushrooms2040
Shroom-Stuffed BellpepperMushrooms2040
Simple Sunday SteakGame Meat2040
Sizzled GrubSlugs Bugs and Kritters5050
Sizzled SlugSlugs Bugs and Kritters5050
Sizzling StirfryDomesticated Meat1535
Slice Of Pie
Slice of Pie
Small SugarPumpkins and Gourds7070
Smoked Bear CutGame Meat1020
Smoked Beaver CutGame Meat1020
Smoked Cougar CutGame Meat1020
Smoked Deer CutGame Meat1020
Smoked Oyster MeatCrustacea and Shellfish1020
Smoked Rabbit CutGame Meat1020
Smoked Rattler CutGame Meat1020
Smoked Squirrel CutGame Meat1020
SpooktacularPumpkins and Gourds7070
Spooky GhostsFishes2040
Spooky RedcapMushrooms3090
Spore BajgielMushrooms1515
Stray ChestnutNuts and Seeds5050
Sugar CapsMushrooms5050
Sugar DelightPumpkins and Gourds2040
Sugar TreatPumpkins and Gourds7070
Surf & TurfCrustacea and Shellfish3080
Sweet BambiMushrooms100100
Sweet JerkyFruits140
Sweet MonarchSlugs Bugs and Kritters5050
Sweet Walnut Crusted FishNuts and Seeds100100
Tasty CakesBread2040
Tasty TacoDomesticated Meat2040
Tenderboiled TerrineGame Meat1535
Tendergrass RumpVegetables and Greens2040
Things with WingsPoultry2515
Three VirginiansSlugs Bugs and Kritters5020
TomatoVegetables and Greens5030
TrailmixNuts and Seeds55
Truffle TaffyMushrooms5050
Turkey JerkyPoultry55
Turkey SandwichPoultry2040Bread1585
Turkish DelightPoultry2040
Veg SugarVegetables and Greens5050
Venison with Pickled NutsNuts and Seeds1535
Virginia SnailSlugs Bugs and Kritters5050
Virginian ShellroastSlugs Bugs and Kritters1050
WalnutNuts and Seeds2020
Waning ToadstoolMushrooms5050
Waxing ToadstoolMushrooms5050
Wild GarlicVegetables and Greens1010
Wild SaladVegetables and Greens2020
Wild Turkey BreastPoultry4040
Wild Turkey DrumstickPoultry4040
Wild Turkey ThighPoultry4040
Wild Turkey WingPoultry4040
Wild WingsPoultry2040
Wildberry PieBerries8070
Windy PoohGame Meat1535
Witch's HatMushrooms5050
Wortbaked WartbiteSlugs Bugs and Kritters3080
Yellow MorelMushrooms5050
Yellow PotatoPotato Food7070
Yellow Potato ChunkPotato Food5050
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