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Flora & Fauna

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Flora & Fauna icon.png About

One of the Proficiencies used to acquire many of the Skills in Salem. Increasing your value in Flora & Fauna:

  • Decreases the wear on your fishing equipment.
  • Increases your chance of a cutting the player took from a tree successfully sprouting.
  • Caps Fish purity.

Gaining and using Flora & Fauna

Passive Proficiency Gains

  • 3 Flora & Fauna for plucking a turkey.
  • 8 Flora & Fauna for feeing an animal a treat.
  • 1 Flora & Fauna for cracking an egg.
  • 15 Flora & Fauna for correctly medicating a sick animal.
  • 10 Flora & Fauna for each piece of honey drained from a skep.

Skills that require Flora & Fauna:

 Requires Flora & Fauna
Cattle Ranching14800
Nut Orchards11500
Goat Rearing11200
Fine Leathercraft10500
Sheep Herding8800
Pig Keeping7500
Cheese Making7200
Plantation Management6200
Turkey Farming4250
Long Distance Swimming4200
Monster Hunting4000
Potato Growing3840
French Cuisine3600
Maize Planting3300
Shellfish Trapping2900
Frigid Journeys2700
Humble Abodes2500
Butcher's Thrift2400
Green Thumb2400
Ascent to the Summit2000
Beaver Skinning1750
Slug Hunting1675
Big Game Hunting1600
Nuts & Seeds1325
Acute Tree Harvesting1175
Flowers & Berries1050
Hill Climbing900
Bark Gathering825
French Tickler650
Colonial Tradesmanship600
Cabbage Growing500
Indian Tracking500
Small Game Hunting500
Field Dressing400
… следующие результаты
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Inspirationals that give Flora & Fauna:

 Gives Flora & FaunaEff FF
Cow Udder3925
Royal Jelly3680
Turkey Liver3250
Hornet Nest3000
Shellback Rattle2850
Serpent Charm2750
Clawed Talon2750
Porcupine Spines2625
Bee Team2600
Sand Dollar2500
Brilliant Honey-Dew2500
Colorful Autumn Leaf2500
Caterpillar in a Jar2325
Bunny Darko2000
Majestic Tail-Feather of Turkey2000
Lamb of Tartary1900
Savage Charm1750
Delphic Bee1680
Cricket Violin1500
Stringy Sinew1500
Traces of the Lost Colony1500
Wild Oats1500
Animal Crackers1450
Deer Hoof1400
Rainbow Scales1350
Decomposed Bird Skeleton1300
Wee Menagerie1300
Funny Foam1250
The Elusive Last Bone1250
Green Man's Mask1200
Hunting Trophy1200
Rattle Rattler1200
Cricket Team1200
Aspen Masque1000
Fishing Trophy1000
Lumberwood Bonsai1000
Dried Long Ear950
Hand Turkey925
Bug in a Blanket915
Cougar Claw900
Les Fleurs du Mal900
Wild Columbine830
Acorn Indian800
Jackalope Antlers800
Mineralogical Survey800
Earthworm Python780
Twig N' Berries745
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