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Elaborate Gemcutting

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Elaborate Gemcutting icon.png Elaborate Gemcutting
"Allows the creation of magnificent cuts to impress and astound the masses"
Необходимые навыки:
Необходимые умения:
8300 Arts & Crafts icon.png Arts & Crafts
16700 Law & Lore icon.png Law & Lore
21500 Mines & Mountains icon.png Mines & Mountains
Skills Unlocked:
Crafts Unlocked:
Builds Unlocked:
Others Unlocked:

In-Game Text

"Sweet the coming on
Of grateful evening mild; then silent night
With this her solemn bird and this fair moon,
And these the gems of heaven, her starry train."

- John Milton, 1608 - 1674

The world belongs to those who control the ebb and flow of man's most desirable possessions. With Elaborate Gemcutting, the avid jeweler has reached the apex of his skill and can attempt to create magnificent cuts to impress and astound the masses for generations to come!