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Basic Info:
Where found:
Skill required: Monster Hunting
Blood (health): unknown
Liftable or Inventory?: Liftable
NOTE: Items and quantities depend upon skills known.
Item(s) gained:
Rare item(s): unknown (use 'none' if no chance for rare items)


Dangerous darkness monster. Cannot be stunned with a stomp/bullrun or any of the likes.

Salemites new and mid game should not fight them as they're capable of permadeath like most darkness monsters. Confront it anyway and it will by most chances one hit you with brutal damage. Make sure to plan your battles and have a proper set of clothes with the best combat artifacts you can obtain as they're a tough end-game prey. It is also recommended to have a partner with you to ensure you're able to pass the aggro between eachother hence Darkenbears can move as described as speed of lightning.

Combat behavior

Has very high speed, outrunning it when things go grim will require tremendous effort if there are no obstacles or hills in its way.

Additional info TBA.