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Daisy icon.png Daisy
Where found:
Weight: .06 kg
Required by: Objects


Can be grown in a Gardening Pot.

Counts as Any Flower in recipes. Picking Flowers from the wild lowers Insanity.

Is the most abundant forageable in the Marshland Biome; because they are so abundant they are great to pick in order to find Bees.

Right-Clicking on a Daisy allows a player to pull Petite Petals by selecting She Loves Me/She Loves Me Not. If it terminates on 'she loves me' a small amount of Insanity is removed; if it terminates on 'she loves me not' a small amount of Insanity is added. Each Daisy has a variable amount of petals, so far the most pulled without destroying the Daisy is 36.