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Common Earthworm

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Common Earthworm icon.png Common Earthworm
Необходимые умения: None
Необходимые объекты
Вес: 0.03 KG
Требования: Объекты


  • Случайный шанс найти при Digging (копка).
  • Случайный шанс найти в Compost Bin (компост)
  • Может быть найден в Старом Пне
  • Counts as +1 compost if added to a Compost Bin and Turkey Coop
  • Может использоваться как наживка для fishing.

Purity Update

As of the April 10th update "Under Pressure", worms now can have their purity adjusted by feeding them plants with the purity you want them to eventually obtain. You must place the worm in a container and then place an item of the Any Plant category immediately next to the worm. After approx 12 hours the worm will consume that plant and the worm's alchemy levels will make a 10% adjustment towards the plant's alchemy. For example if the plant had 40 salt value and the worm had 30 salt value, once the worm feeds on the plant it will gain 10% of the difference which is 1 and end up having 31 salt value.