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Cloak & Dagger

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General Info

  • One of the Proficiencies used to acquire many of the Skills in Salem.
  • Cloak & Dagger effects...
  • Cloak and Dagger does NOT affect your combat ability.

<Zou> loftar? does C&D affect combat at all?
<loftar> Only in what maneuvers whose skills you're able to buy, Zou.
<loftar> Though that may well change.

Gaining and using Cloak & Dagger

Passive Proficiency Gains

  • 1 Cloak & Dagger for getting shot by a tower (torchpost or brazier).
  • 1 Cloak & Dagger for assaulting another pilgrim
  • 1 Cloak & Dagger for Trespassing
  • 3 Cloak & Dagger for beating down another Pilgrim
  • 100 Cloak & Dagger for gaining revenge on another Pilgrim
  • 5 Cloak & Dagger for stealing from another Pilgrim
  • 4 Cloak & Dagger for vandalizing the structures of another Pilgrim
  • 200 Cloak & Dagger for murdering another Pilgrim
  • 15 Cloaks & Dagger for committing Forgery
  • 10 Cloak & Dagger for committing Poisoncraft

Skills that require Cloak & Dagger:

 Requires Cloak & Dagger
The Story of Cain & Abel37500
Grave Robbing11500
I am the Darkness9200
Eye for an Eye7500
Weapon Forging3100
Brazier Forging2350
Sanctioned Mortification2000
Plague Handling1920
Monster Hunting1800
The Rights of Englishmen1750
Fast Moves1500
Backalley Pugilism1000
Handheld Explosives900
Big Game Hunting750
French Tickler700
Burial Rights250
Yellow Belly1
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Inspirationals that give Cloak & Dagger:

 Gives Cloak & DaggerEff CD
Whispering Snake Skull5000
Baby Squid3900
Those Rarefied Thornbush Flowers3500
Iä! Iä! Rlyeh Fhtang!2525
Animal Canine2500
Horribly Rotten Walnut2500
Shed Skin2500
Little Jack Horner's Thumbnail2425
Black Pearl2400
Shellback Rattle2250
Torn Tentacle2250
Painted Feathers2200
Foetid Ooze2150
Creepy Centipede2100
Leader's Locket2050
Brick of Fallen Sodom & Gomorrah2000
English Battleflag2000
Antlers of Furfur1975
Serpent Charm1960
Porcupine Spines1950
Royal Jelly1950
Samhain Masque1750
Argopelter Beak1750
Loyalist's Locket1650
The Golem of Prague1550
Last Wish-Bone1500
Ghost Rider Masque1500
Malevolent Pillow1500
Medusa Head Jellyfish1500
Monogrammed Pillow1500
Steer Skull1500
Argopelter Liver1350
Lover's Locket1250
Pilgrim's Bible1250
Bunny Darko1250
Enlarged Bear Heart1250
Ghost in the Grain1200
A Face in the Dross1200
The Wicked Wicker Man1200
John Barleycorn1100
Phantom Masque1050
Hunting Trophy1000
Savage Charm1000
Brick of Fallen Jericho1000
Carelessly Burnt Cookie1000
Game Board1000
Concordat of Worms900
Opera Masque850
Blacksmith's Goggles850
Gingerbread Man Head850
Decomposed Bird Skeleton800
Rat Team750
Cricket Team750
Unscathed Wood750
Davy Jones' Locker750
Earthworm Python750
Bee Team750
Les Fleurs du Mal750
Bunny Masque750
Deer tick710
Deer Hoof675
Blood Shard6661
Coffin Plank550
Fine Beaver Teeth550
Shellback Fragments550
Dead Rat500
Cork Gun500
Eagle Feather425
Flaming Pinecone400
Frosted web400
Stringy Sinew350
Stuffed Rabbit350
Wee Menagerie350
Fungus Amungus350
Horseshoe Crab315
A Taste of Autumn300
Nine Men's Morris250
Dried Long Ear250
Crow Feather225
Cactus Cat220
Hand Turkey200
Lumberwood Figurine190
Fickle Frozen Frost Flower180
Partially Deformed Caterpillar160
Knotted Wood Block125
Peyote Cactus125
Devil's Wort95
Maple Mustache Masque50
Star Jelly50
Bat Fang40
Cougar Claw40
Fish Skeleton35
Meat Shreds15
French Fry1
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