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Cleave icon.png Cleave
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:


Cleave is best used when fighting more than one other opponent, as it has a large radius and good damage and can be used to hit anyone standing near the player using Cleave.

Cleave gains up to a 10% damage bonus based on the purity of the Halberd being used.

  • Attack type: Impact
  • Formula: 2*sqrt(maxYB/10)
Damage Table
YB Damage
50 4.47
100 6.32
150 7.74
200 8.944
250 10
300 10.95
350 11.83
400 12.65

In-Game Text

Cleave uses very little Yellow Bile and provides a medium area of effect where all targets near you are damaged.

Game Menu
Combat (T) ⇒Attacks (T) ⇒Cleave (V)