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Town Church

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Town Church icon.png Town Church
Skill(s) required:
Size: 7x9
Object(s) required:
Needs lighting?: No
Liftable?: No
Hit points: unknown
Soak value: unknown
Repaired with: unknown
Required by:
Required by: None
Town Church


The Town Church is essential if one wishes to create a friendlier habitat in the Darkness. Once built, it lifts the veil completely and no more passive stat drains will be observed while within its aura of influence, which is surprisingly large. It takes one hour after construction for the Town Church effect to begin.

Because the church pushes away the Darkness, unique spawns such as Argopelters will also cease around the church area. However, it is still possible for a player to drag an argopelter to within the church radius.

There are 63 (7 x 9) tiles of space inside. Wallpaper and decoratives can be hung on the walls but wallpaper looks distorted and vertically stretched. Ironically, it is somewhat dark inside the church, though not dark enough to drain a player's stats. A torch carried inside brightens the room considerably.

Animal carcasses placed inside the church do not decay.

NOTE: It requires 10 Affluence to enter the Providence Church.

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