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Benjamin Bryberry

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For a small bribe of 35 silver, Benjamin Bryberry will give you a ranked list of the top ten highest authority towns on the server. Useful if you want to Challenge Authority of bigger towns to try to get a cut of the tax rebate from the Player Stalls.


Sells the following items:

Item Price Notes
Town Charter icon.png Town Charter x1 SilverStack1to9.png 8500 Needed to build a Town Bell and start a town. You will also need Compacts & Constitutions.
Writ of Homesteading icon.png Writ of Homesteading x1 SilverStack1to9.png 200 Needed to build a claim, allowing you to privatize some land making it a criminal act to trespass on your claim. You will also need Settling. If you buy this from the White Stall, it is cheaper.


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