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Any Gardening Pot

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Any Gardening Pot icon.png Any Gardening Pot
Необходимые умения:
Необходимые объекты
Вес: unknown
Требования: Объекты


See Potable for what can be planted in these. Planting things in your Gardening Pots lowers your Insanity.

The unburnt version must be put inside a Kiln, fed Branches and then have the Kiln lighted with a Tinder Drill or a Torch to produce a baked pot.

  • Uses 1 humus to fill.
  • Uses 1.0 liter of water to fill.

Pot Purity

Pots have their own purity which can be checked by right clicking on them and opening an interface.

The purity of the pot, the purity of the Humus used to fill the pot, and the purity of the plant or cutting placed in the pot affect the purity of the plant or tree harvested from the pot.

Each time the purity of the harvest is greater than the purity of the pot, the pot's purity will increase. It can increase by a maximum of 2% per planting and it cannot decrease.

Plant Yield

The number of plants yielded at harvest is a default of 2.
With a Garden Shovel it will be increase to 3.

There is a chance to get more the higher your Herbs & Sprouts is:

  • >=100 H&S = +1 Chance
  • >=150 H&S = +2 Chance
  • >=200 H&S = +3 Chance
  • >=250 H&S = +4 Chance
  • ...every 50 H&S +1.

You get only a Chance! It means that you also get Gardening Pot yields with +0, +1, +2, +3, even if you have a H&S of 250 with a Chance to get +4.

The Yield can be checked the same way as the purity, by right clicking on a pot and opening the interface.

Players may occasionally find that a Virginia Snail or Caterpillar has eaten one of the vegetables in their pots.
If this happens you will get the snail or caterpillar instead of that vegetable.
In addition to this the bug will have taken on the purity of the vegetable he has eaten.

Stages of a Garden Pot