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Seeds for plants are recovered in various ways depending on the plant.
As a note, each crop unit provides a maximum number of seeds based on the crop type.
That number can be lower and one of them almost always have less than the maximum because Grains need to be winnowed for seeds.
This is done with the Thresh Cereals icon.png Thresh Cereals command.
This destroys the ears of grain, though, so you can either get seed or grind in a windmill for flour.

Cotton seed is included in the boll.
In order to get seed, use the Clean Cotton icon.png Clean Cotton command in the Menu Button Craft.png Craft menu.
This will return a ball of cotton and some seed.

Cabbage produces a seed stalk.
When the cabbage field is harvested, you get several heads of cabbage and a seed stalk.
Simply place the seed stalk in the container and wait 48 hours for it to dry to collect the seeds.

  • When a field is at 100% upkeep the following are required to plant 1 field of a crop:
    • 15 seeds of Cabbage
    • 50 seeds of Cereal
    • 50 seeds of Corn
    • 50 seeds of Cotton
    • 15 seeds of Potato
    • 50 seeds of Pumpkin
    • 50 seeds of Tobacco
  • When the field is 50% upkeep the following are required:
    • 7 seeds of Cabbage
    • 25 seeds of Cereal
    • 25 seeds of Corn
    • 25 seeds of Cotton
    • 7 seeds of Potato
    • 25 seeds of Pumpkin
    • 25 seeds of Tobacco

Seeds of Pumpkin can be obtained from any pumpkin by slicing it.