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Creatures that are found throughout Salem thus far. Some have mythology-wise origins or are just plain fictional.

Rabbit.png Wartbite Cricket.png Turkey.png Timber Rattler.png Beaver.png Deer.png Bear.png Frog.png Crab.png Squirrel.png
Rabbit Wartbite Cricket Turkey Timber Rattler Beaver Deer Bear Frog Crab Squirrel
March Hare.png Spider.png Hydrukey.png Quetzalcoatl.png Wishpoosh.png Furfur.png Darkenbear.png Argopelter.png Horse.png Cougar.png
March Hare Spider Hydrukey Quetzalcoatl Wishpoosh Furfur Darkenbear Argopelter Horse Cougar
LumberLord.png Rat.png Squonk.png Bat.png Giant Bat.png Giant Cricket.png Pig.png Crow.png
LumberLord Rat Squonk Bat Giant Bat Giant Cricket Pig Crow

Archive of the Past

These creatures have been implemented and removed before and are presumed to not exist within the game. Yet. This subcategory acts as a archive for lost knowledge and one to confirm its existence in the game is much appreciated.



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